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Saturday, August 24, 2013

miLock 69 White

White version is almost exact to the blue version. Couple modifications. One thing its white!
next the weather is lowered and a new slide to unlock.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teaser Video

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Animated Instructions

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miLock 69 Blue

Advanced Lockscreen

-Description of weather
-Temp(Actual and Feels Like)

-5 Day Forecast
-Weather Icons
-High and Low

Battery and Ram
-Requires InfoStats(tweak)
-Touch to display Battery Percent
-Touch to display Ram
-Animates when charging

USER PHOTOS from your CameraRoll
-Lets pick your photos from the Lockscreen (via image name!)
-No file transfers
-No Renaming

Weather Panel 
-Displays Current Conditions
-When will it Rain
-Wind, Forecast and Current
-Lat and Long

-When lockscreen loads will display a walkthrough
-This will never show again (after skip or close is pressed)
-Can bring instructions back by clearing safari cookies

-Touch These!!!!
- Left side to display animated clock lockscren
-Right side to display Weather Panel
-Top (Arrow) to display Menu
-Top(Clock) to show Day and Date
-Bottom of animated clock to display LCD Clock
-Bottom of LCD clock to display Weather with LCD
-Battery to display Ram again to display Batter Percent
-Weather Icon twice to display Forecast
-Forecast to hide

-May not load on first attempt:(
-Unlock, Relock and try again

-36 Wallpapers to choose from
-User Wall Option(see above)

-12 and 24 Hour
-Celsius and Fahrenheit

-All done from the lockcsreen
-Supports any weather or zip code
-Keyboard on the Lockscreen
-No Respring Needed!!!!!

iPhone 5 version is ready to ship out.
find link above

iPhone 4 Coming Soon

Colors: Blue, White, and ??

iPad?? Let me know below

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